August 2019

How to Measure Above Ground Pool Cover

Above ground swimming pools are ideal for cold places. It is a type of swimming pool preferred for pool lovers with a tight budget. Like in-ground swimming pools, an above ground pool requires the same protection and care. To get ready for the winter and as preparation in the closing of the swimming pool, the very first thing that needs to do is to measure the right size of the swimming pool cover that will perfectly fit the above ground swimming pool owned. It is to have a stress-free winter season in such a way that the above ground pool cover purchased undoubtedly performs its job which starts at the right measurement in the first place. 

In an above ground swimming pool, the swimming pool cover for use is more likely of a sizable plastic hair cap which stretches on top of the above ground pool. It has an overlap that can use for ladders and other pool accessories. This cover has a bungee cord connected on grommets around the pool hem. It does not need any installation nor rollers unlike pool covers for in-ground swimming pools.  

measure above ground pool cover

Here are some of the steps on how to measure an above ground swimming pool cover which can be a big help on winter days:

  1. Measure the size of the above ground swimming pool. Include the top rails. Always take into consideration that part, mainly if the swimming pool exhibits wider rails on top. Make a record. Write them down.
  2. Decide on the preferred water level of the above ground pool owned. As standard, it should only measure 12” difference of water level from the swimming pool liner down to the pool water. If still wish to drain more water, use a more extensive pool cover size. Before a cover can put on, remove ladders, pump, and other swimming pool accessories. Put the winterizing chemicals on the measured pool water, then proceed with the cleaning. 
  3. Decide what style of winter cover wish to use. It is either a solid winter pool cover or a mesh type. Consider what the pool needs to decide what to purchase clearly. Also, buy a pool cover for different climates. Prepare two measurements for each–the size of the swimming pool and the chosen pool cover. Remember that the pool cover size should be more extensive in about 4 inches than that of the swimming pool size. Allot an additional 4 inches in every measurement result of the swimming pool. 
  4. When all measurements are ok, it is now time to purchase the pool cover. Upon receiving the purchased cover, do not hesitate to remove the packaging and check if it has the exact measurement as ordered. If not, contact the dealer and clear the issue. Make instructions to clarify what needs to correct in size. Secure the right fit. It contributes a lot in the effectivity of the above ground swimming pool cover.