On Saturday 15 September 2012, walk for water so others don’t have to.

The Cause

Walk for water on Saturday 15 September 2012 and help the world’s poorest people take their first steps out of poverty.
Imagine walking all day with a backbreaking burden of dirty water; carrying up to 20kg of water which isn't even clean and could give you and your family a life-threatening illness.
This burden often falls to women and children who have to walk an average of 6km for water. This lack of access to clean water and sanitation impacts severely upon health, education, and income.  
Like many women across the developing world, Mariama Oumara Dicko from Mali is responsible for collecting water for her family. 
“In the dry season I go out at 6am, at midday and in the evening to collect water,” she says. “I go three times each day, every day. Each journey takes three hours. I can only carry one bucket each time I go.”
The water the women of Ourare Alaye Tem find at the end of their journey is often dirty and disease ridden, but they and their families have no choice but to use it for cooking, drinking and washing. 
Walk for water and the money you raise will help transform the lives of Mariama and thousands like her. 

Inadequate sanitation and water keeps people living in poverty
but you can help to change this
so please join us and help us to transform lives

  • £50 could pay for a handpump in Nepal, providing a community with life – changing clean water
  • £100 could supply a village in Madagascar with the tools needed to maintain its water point long-term
  • £150 could provide people in Ethiopia with a safe and hygienic composting latrine

Let’s get walking for water!

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