On Saturday 15 September 2012, walk for water so others don’t have to.

Terms & Conditions

Coast Along for WaterAid is WaterAid’s national walking event with a variety of coastal paths across the England, Wales and Scotland. 

All teams must have a designated Team Leader who will provide a first point of contact for Team members, who must all adhere to safety guidelines and recommendations provided by WaterAid.

I confirm that I will pay the upfront non-refundable entry fee of £10 (adults) or £5 (children over 5) on registration. I commit to raising a minimum sponsorship of £50 (exclusive of Gift Aid) for WaterAid. I understand that 100% of my sponsorship must be paid to WaterAid within 1 month after the event date.

1. Participants agree to raise the minimum sponsorship specified for the event.  

2. Participants agree to inform WaterAid immediately if they are unable to take part in the event.

3. Should you not take part all sponsor forms and monies should be forwarded to WaterAid.

4. All funds raised in connection with WaterAid must be payable to WaterAid in sterling. Please convert pledges to sterling.

5. Participants give permission for the free use of pictures, images, feedback and comments in any future advertising or promotion.

6. You must carry out your fundraising in accordance with the guidelines set out in the WaterAid Safe and Legal Guidelines.pdf

7. You must read the safety guidelines above and ensure the rest of your team have done so as well.

8. Unless otherwise agreed in writing you must not use your WaterAid event for any other commercial   gain, or use the challenge to fundraise for any registered charity other than WaterAid.

9. WaterAid may, at its sole discretion, withdraw a participant if it believes that it is the best interests of the charity to do so.

10. By signing up for this event you will receive monthly enewsletters to update you on important Coast Along for WaterAid information in the lead up to the event. If you would prefer not receive any events enewsletters from us then please let us know by emailing your preferences to events@wateraid.org


Every participant must be part of a team with a minimum of two people on the linear walks.

For teams involving under 18 year olds, it is also necessary that:

1) the team is part of a voluntary association e.g. Scout leader leading / supervising a group of scouts, or

2) the team is a school group being led or supervised by a teacher from that school, or

3) it is a family team where each under 18 year old is accompanied by their parent or legally appointed guardian.

Walk Selection

Paths are classified according to the easiest and/or the most popular ascent route and assume perfect weather and conditions underfoot. If your chosen route varies from this it might fall into a higher classification.

These notes can also be used to match your team to a particular path. Please be sure that all members of your team meet the minimum criteria for your chosen path. Registration for the event by the team leader is acknowledgement that the chosen path is suitable for all members of the team.

The peaks are classified as easy, moderate, strenuous or severe:


Easy - Within the capability of generally fit walkers with little experience of long distance walking. Suitable for family groups.

Moderate - Some experience of long distance walking but generally within the capability of generally fit walkers.

Strenuous - For experienced long distance walkers requiring a good level of fitness.

Severe - For experienced long distance walkers seeking a challenge and requiring a good level of fitness.

Underfoot conditions will vary significantly along paths. If conditions are known to be poor, for example very muddy and/or slippery consider whether the grading should be increased to the next level.

Team Leader’s responsibilities

As Team Leader you must be willing to be responsible for the team. You must ensure that your team members have the appropriate skills and training for the event. You will lead and facilitate the reaching of team decisions on all matters concerning safety. 

You must register your team through the coastalongforwateraid.org site. As part of the process you will be asked to confirm that you will take responsibility for your team on the day. The final decision on whether the team participates in the Challenge will rest with the WaterAid Events Team and Coast Along Committee. You must fully brief all your team members. These guidelines will be available online in addition to other Coast Along information. ALL team members must read these instructions carefully.

Always keep the Coast Along for WaterAid Call Centre informed of your actions. However, should you need to call the emergency services you should do that directly following the instructions on the emergency cards, which will be distributed to each participant before the event.

You must ensure, as far as practical, that the level of fitness of each team member is adequate. It is imperative that the team makes every effort to remain together. Whilst it is understood that the Team Leader will give leadership and guidance, each member of the team must realise that they are ultimately responsible for their own safety and well-being during the entire challenge.


Footwear is most important in this challenge. Properly designed hill walking boots are recommended for the longer and more difficult paths. They provide good ankle support, are reasonably waterproof, comfortable and have a firm sole with a secure grip.

Proper clothing is also essential, most important being a good wind and waterproof outer layer of jacket and trousers. Layering clothes for warmth is most easily regulated and therefore more comfortable. Gloves and a hat should also be included in your rucksack as well as spare clothing, e.g. a warm sweater. In one day, weather conditions from all seasons can be experienced.

First aid kit

A minor incident can become a major problem when many kilometres or hours from assistance. A small first aid kit can enable a team to deal effectively with an injury and complete the walk. Bandages, adhesives, plasters, safety pins, antiseptic cream and cotton wool are sufficient in most cases.


The team must obtain a local weather forecast before they set off. Changeable is the best way to describe the weather and it can change at an alarming speed. Bad weather on the coast is not unusual. Cold and exposure lead to hypothermia - please be able to recognise the symptoms and treat them, better still, know how to avoid them.

The sun can also be very strong so you may wish to carry a sun block. If the wind strengthens, cloud thickens, visibility decreases or temperature decreases, the plan for the day must be revised.

In the event of an incident

On the path, each team will operate as an independent group. In the event of an incident requiring premature withdrawal from the Challenge, you should telephone for assistance and advise the Coast Along Call Centre of the situation. In any emergency on the path, the whole team is involved but the decision of the Team Leader is final. If a team member is taken off the route by the team, then arrangements should be made for him/her to go home or to hospital, if necessary. The Coast Along Call Centre must be advised of the position and the actions of the rest of the team.

If no telephone contact can be made and it is not possible to get everyone safely off the route, any injured team member should be made comfortable and left with support member(s) of the team. The remaining members of the team should proceed to the nearest telephone for assistance. Call the Emergency Services on 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

They will need to know:

- Your name

- Your location

- Your phone number(s)

- Number of people involved

- Their age, sex and description

- Time last seen

- Any medical conditions

The coastguard will advise you what to do and decide if other emergency services are necessary. They will want you to stay at your current location until they have interviewed you.

Please then inform the call centre.


It is recommended that team members make sure that they drink enough liquids during the walks AND en-route and that they also ensure that they also take in enough salts. 

Food and nutrition

It important that the walkers are all taking in enough energy to replace that used. Ample food should be taken for the day as well as reserve supplies in case of delay or emergency. Easily absorbed high energy foods such as glucose sweets, sandwiches, apples, bananas, chocolate, fruitcake, raisins, biscuits and Kendal mint cake are suitable.

Check-in process on the day

You are asked to call the Coast Along Call Centre before you set out on your walk and then after you have returned safely. We will send the phone number for the call centre to team leaders just before the event date. There will be no need to meet a marshal to physically check in unless on a hub walk where there will be a registration area. The call centre will be open from 7am to 8pm on the day and we believe that these times should be suitable for the vast majority of teams taking part.

The call centre will take you through a short series of questions, primarily to ensure that the details of your route are completely up to date, and that you and the team are aware of the safety guidelines. On return from your walk, teams must contact the call centre to confirm your safe return and to report any particular issues or incidents. It is imperative that you inform us that you have returned safely.

Please bear in mind that mobile phone reception can be poor. You might wish to make the call to the call centre on the way to your walk rather than at the start of your walk or from a suitable land line. The call centre is being manned by volunteers. If you experience any delay in getting through then please keep trying, as many teams may call at similar times.

Above all, please keep yourself and your team safe and enjoy your day! Thank you for supporting WaterAid by walking for water!

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