About the registration process

Now that you have chosen your path, please take a moment to read the following guidelines on the team registration process.

Team Coordinator
As the person registering your team, you will perform the role of Team Coordinator. This means that you will act as the central point of contact between WaterAid and your other team members.

First, you will be asked to confirm that all members of your team meet the minimum fitness and expertise levels required for your chosen path.

You will then be asked to register yourself as the Team Coordinator and each of your team members as fellow participants.

How long will the registration process take?
The whole team registration process should take around 10 minutes if you have contact information for all your team members to hand.

What information do I need at hand to register my team?
We will need to collect the following information about you, the Team Coordinator and your fellow participants for health and safety purposes and to help us allocate sponsorship raised after the challenge.

Please note:

The minimum number of people per team is two. Any individual wishing to complete a path alone MUST contact us beforehand.

It is recommended that all teams have at least one adult taking part. Any teams without an adult aged 18 or over MUST contact us beforehand.

We regret that your team will not be approved if you do not supply the mandatory information below for the Team Leader. This is to ensure that WaterAid is able to reconcile sponsorship monies and make accurate Gift Aid claims from this event.

  • Title *
  • First name *
  • Middle name
  • Surname *
  • Email address
  • Home Postcode *
  • Home Address line 1 *
  • Home Address line 2
  • Home Address line 3
  • Home Address line 4
  • City*
  • County
  • Country*
  • Home telephone number*
  • Mobile number *
  • Company name *
  • Region where your company is based*
  • T-shirt size*
  • How you found out about the event*
  • Emergency contact first name, surname, contact number and relationship to you*

We'll also need at least the following information about each of you team members:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • T-shirt size

Why do you want my mobile number?
On the day of the challenge we can keep you updated with useful SMS bulletins.

Can I update my team details in the future?

When you register, you will be asked to set a password. This password can be used in conjunction with your email address (your user name) to log in and make changes to your team profile in the future.