Coast Along – The Sandtag

7 September 2011

As we gear up to this year’s Coast Along – our series of coastal walks around the UK to raise funds and awareness for the millions of people across the world who have no access to clean drinking water – we were looking for extra ways to generate buzz online, driving conversation about the campaign.

In order to do this, we had to think BIG! And so it was that with the kind permission of Lyme Regis town council and the invaluable help of prolific sand artist Mark Anderson, we decided to dig the campaign’s giant hashtag into Lyme Regis’ sandiest beach!

The hashtag – #COASTALONG – was a mammoth undertaking. Armed only with spades, coffee, vaguely scrawled plans and herculean amounts of optimism – as well as the wealth of experience and knowledge Mark provided – we hit the beach at day break.

To give some idea of scale, each character in the hashtag covered more area on the ground than a large family car, and our office-addled muscles found the work hard going. The weather was indecisive, showering us with rain one minute and scorching us with heat the next. At one point a child kicked part of the ‘C’ in on itself, resulting in tired groans from spade handlers who’d been working since 5am.

However, despite everything, we got the job done. Sandy Beach was temporarily tattooed with our hashtag, lots of photos were taken, the questions of countless members of the public who expressed a keen interest were answered, and we were spent!

We hope you agree that the picture looks great and, with conversation around the hashtag gathering pace online, we’d love it if you popped over to Twitter and got involved.

The #CoastAlong hashtag in the sand

The massive #Coast Along hashtag in the sand

Our thanks go out to Mark, Lyme Regis Town Council and everyone who stopped to give us best wishes and, at times, digging advice.

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