How to Install a Solar Pool Cover

To install a solar pool cover is manageable. It can accomplish by a single person alone. It does not also require professionals to do so.  Even the pool owner himself can make it. What’s important is the presence of mind and willingness in doing the task. 

Upon purchasing a solar pool cover, to fit it on the swimming pool must undergo twice in the cutting process — the initial cut and the final cut that would require about 2-3 weeks difference from the first cut. A solar pool cover usually loses about 10% in size for the first week; thus cutting too much should not practice. Do not be mistaken seeing it that big. 

Remove the solar cover from its packaging. Unfold and spread on top of the swimming pool. Its bubbly side should face the water and the smooth size above, facing the sunlight. Give the cover time to flatten the folds and to settle on its place. After a few hours, soothe the cover. Remove wrinkles and smoothen air pockets. Make use of a swimming pool broom to flatten the sheet on the surface of the swimming pool. When ready, do the first cutting on the solar cover. Use sharp scissors to shape the protection that is the same as that of the swimming pool. Allow a little part to get inside the skimmer box. 

pool cover install

Allot at least 10-15 cm. extra size for the pool cover. It should be a bit larger to result in a bowl effect in the middle and turn upward on sides of the swimming pool. It is to catch debris and dirt rather than fall down the water. It’s such an easy way to clean the cover when needs to remove in time. 

To be exact of the measurement and for best result, ask for help. Let the other hold the opposite side of the cover while working on the first cutting process. Be more aware of the movement of the solar cover upon doing the procedure. Secure all sides. 

Once the necessary fit has provided, stop cutting. Leave the solar cover at rest for 2-3 weeks. Let it sit on top of the swimming pool. After these days, come back and do the final cutting. Trim the right fit of the solar cover. It will be more accurate this time. 

Important Reminder: When the solar swimming pool cover has put on, adjust the settings of the pool chemicals the soonest. Knowing that the solar cover can reduce half of the pool’s chemical usage, already make adjustments. Turn down the pool chlorinator in half from its previous set-up. Same through with the pool’s chemical levels. Continue the changes until reach the perfect amounts. The standard chlorine level should not be more than 3ppm. If so, it can result in damaging the solar cover. The pool’s warranty can never be of use. Remove the solar pool cover when over chlorinating. Do not put on unless the chlorine level returns to normal.