Registration is now closed

Thanks to the more than 1000 people who have registered for the event. Registration is now closed. Please note – there is no registration on the day.

Red: Wales paths     Purple: Scotland paths
Blue: Englad paths   Yellow: Circular routes (Cardiff and the South Downs)

You can register up to 20 people in one team, but we do ask that you have the following information for all team members who will be 16 or over on the day of the event (you will be able to go in and edit your registration form if the details of your team changes):

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number (or any other contact telephone number)
  • T-shirt size – you will be sent free Coast Along t-shirts at the end of June
    (Sizes: 7-8 years, Adult S, M or L)

For those walkers who are under 16 on the day of the event you do not need to enter any details for them, but they should be included in the total number of people in your team.

The Team Leader must ensure that everyone in their team is of a suitable fitness to take part in the walks. Please see the attached document detailing the grading structure for the event here.