On Saturday 15 September 2012, walk for water so others don’t have to.

Ardrossan to Portencross

The route is categorised as easy, with promenades, pavements, cycle tracks, paths and sandy beaches. The route itself starts at Ardrossan Harbour and Marina, which serves as the ferry terminal to Arran.There are iron age dunes on the escarpment near Boydston Farm Work may be starting soon on redeveloping the North Beach old Shell Oil site, but it should still be possible to walk round the shoreside periphery. If not, there will be an alternative street route available round to North Beach. The footbridge over the Kilbride Burn provides a good view of the original Sea Mill (dating from 1790), which is in the aptly named village of Seamill. Seamill is a coastal suburb of the larger village of West Kilbride. West Kilbride has reinvented itself as a ‘Craft Town’ with various craft shops and galleries which you may wish to visit

6.5 miles / 10.5 km
Estimated Walking Time: 
3 hours
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