On Saturday 15 September 2012, walk for water so others don’t have to.

Dowlaw Farm (fast castle) to Eyemouth

Before staring from Dowlaw Farm, taking a visit down the hill to Fast Castle, the ruined remains of a coastal fortress, is recommended. It does add 2km but is well worth! As you walk along the route there are great views to Fife to north and Holy Island to south (if clear). Be aware, and enjoy, the rugged coast near St Abbs lighthouse which is one of the principal lights in Scotland and marks the southern entrance to the Firth of Forth. The lighthouse is now fully automated, with the status of the light being remotely monitored from the head quarters of the Northern Lighthouse Board, in Edinburgh. Stout footwear and waterproofs are recommended as some areas are remote and there is rough terrain. The route passes through the picturesque village of St Abbs before finishing at the historic town of Eyemouth which lies five miles north of the border. The mouth of the River Eye provides a natural harbour and sandy beaches. Fishing at Eyemouth dates back to the 13th century and today the harbour is still active with its colourful fleet. The busy town has cobbled streets, narrow "pends" or archways leading to small courtyards, and "wynds", narrow passageways between the buildings

12.0 miles / 8.0 km
Estimated Walking Time: 
5 hours
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