On Saturday 15 September 2012, walk for water so others don’t have to.

Dunbar to Dunglass

The route starts at Dunbar and then continues past the old Harbour which dates from 1555. There are some steep inclines and narrow paths. At East Links, the wall separating the esplanade from the drive to the golf course was built to defend Dunbar during Napoleonic Wars. The path now takes you past Catcraig, Barns Ness and towards Skateraw, all areas with archaeological remains. Stout footwear is recommended along this section. When passing the golf course please keep to the path, keep dogs under control and try not to disturb play. The next part of the path passes Torness Nuclear Power Station which was built in the 1980’s. When you reach Bilsdean please be aware of the dangers if walking along the beach as you can be cut off by the tide. The shoreline is also quite rocky and can be slippery. The route to Dunglass involves some steps and steep inclines, stout footwear and waterproofs are recommended as some areas are remote. The route finishes in Dunglass

9.9 miles / 16.0 km
Estimated Walking Time: 
4 - 6 hours
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