On Saturday 15 September 2012, walk for water so others don’t have to.

Mablethorpe to Saltfleet Haven

Most of this 7½ mile (12 km) section is through the Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes National Nature Reserve, a haven for wildlife. Please remain on the waymarked public footpaths and permissive paths at all times

Mablethorpe is served by the InterConnect 9 service from Skegness and Louth and Grayscroft service 1 from Louth. Saltfleet is served by CallConnect service 9M from Mablethorpe, CallConnect service 51 from Louth and Amvale Travel service 50 from Grimsby.

Starting from the 'Star of the East' monument on the sea front, TF50838525, walk north to the end of the promenade, at which point, climb a flight of steps and turn right. Pass through the Sea View car park and then descend towards a road and shop opposite. Loop round to the right before reaching the road and follow the path through the dunes towards the sea. With 'Jabba the (Beach) Hut' on the right, turn left along the beach for one kilometre, taking the second marked exit on the left. Follow a path across the dunes to reach North End with a car park and nature reserve notice board on the left.

Turn right (north) and walk across the 'Ferryboat Inn' customer car park to reach the corner of a fence. A permissive path runs from this point, through the dunes of the Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes National Nature Reserve. After a short distance this path splits into two, with one path going east towards the beach and the other going west. Take the path heading west which soon turns to a northerly direction and follow one of its various strands to the Crook Bank car park at TF489882. At this point, continue north along a public footpath to reach Brickyard Lane car park at TF483892. The public footpath between Brickyard Lane and Churchill Lane at TF478901 is non existent on the ground so upon reaching Brickyard Lane it is necessary to walk east to the beach. Turn left and follow the dunes to reach the end of Churchill Lane which is marked by a flagpole and a military warning notice on the beach.

Turn left at the flagpole on to Churchill Lane to reach a car park, at which point, turn right, pass through a gate and view a wildlife information board. Follow the public footpath northwards to the Rimac car park.

Upon reaching the road at Sea View Farm, turn right for a short distance to reach a fence and car park. At this point, turn left through a gate and pass a pill box on the right. Pass through a second gate and take the path to the left. Continue on to the A1031 road at Saltfleet Haven and the end of this section.